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Ludwig picks on a viewer during recent YouTube stream

Ludwig Ahgren’s latest stream took a hilarious turn when the streamer responded to a viewer’s comment. While tunneling into the viewer, Ludwig provided his audience with a display of his resolute nature.

Ludwig is a star content creator who recently shifted streaming platforms, migrating from Twitch to YouTube. Given his popularity on the latter, a viewer named Edmond commented on the low viewership garnered by Ahgren’s latest YouTube stream. Ahgren promptly picked on the viewer, going so far as to praise his entire audience and excluding Edmond.

“You’re low on h***, Edmond.”

Ludwig claps back at a viewer during his latest YouTube stream

In an attempt to point out the difference in viewership following Ludwig’s shift from Twitch to YouTube, a viewer commented that his latest stream had relatively fewer views.

Unfortunately for Edmond, this comment backfired as Ahgren called them out. Mocking the viewer for a lack of social engagements, Ahgren reproached them for watching him stream on a Friday night.

“I’m low on views? Yeah, you’re watching me Friday night. You’re low on h***, Edmond.”

Doubling down on his insults, Ahgren persisted by specifically responding to them:

“You came out of the womb, your parents said ‘Edmond, straight the f*** up’.”

However, Ahgren soon realized that his YouTube audience had misunderstood the roast and assumed he was addressing all of them. He immediately clarified the confusion, calling his chat ‘cool’ for watching his stream.

“No, not the rest of you guys watching on a Friday night! That’s super cool and chill. *laughs*”

you could say the switch has been going well…

To further infuriate Edmond, Ahgren praised the rest of his audience, applauding them for spending their time with him. While doing so, he sneered and pointed at his camera, excluding Edmond from the collective.

“The rest of you watching on Friday night? That’s actually Pog as f***, I was thinking. It’s just Edmond.”

Ahgren went so far as to state that he respected his audience for this decision. Elaborating, he explained how their choice to schedule social engagements for the weekend, and spending the end of the work week watching him stream, impressed him.

“The thing about you guys, you bros kept your h*** for the weekend. That’s what I respect about you guys. I’ve always respected the separation of Church and State.”

I’m bummed that I was completely removed from the twitch recapAlthough I understand it from a business perspective it’s still sad to be erased from so many people’s yearThanks to everyone who watched meI appreciate you <3

Ludwig’s roast left his fans stunned

Amazed by Ahgren’s resolve, his stunned fans expressed their emotions about the clip. Some were also amused by the persistence shown by Ahgren.

Viewers left stunned by Ludwig&#039;s roast (Image via YouTube/LudwigClips)
Viewers left stunned by Ludwig’s roast (Image via YouTube/LudwigClips)
Fans seemed amused at Ludwig&#039;s comments (Image via YouTube/LudwigClips)
Fans seemed amused at Ludwig’s comments (Image via YouTube/LudwigClips)

The content creator was massively popular on Twitch and even held the title for the most subscribers on the platform. However, he announced his shift to YouTube Gaming on November 30, 2021, and has been streaming on the platform ever since.

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