Man Utd Fans Thank Adrien Rabiot’s Mum During Carabao Cup Final

off plat Adrien Rabiot MUM copy

The Carabao Cup final between Manchester United and Southampton was an eventful one, with the Red Devils coming out on top with a 3-2 victory. But it wasn’t just the result that had fans talking, as Manchester United supporters bizarrely thanked Adrien Rabiot’s mum during the match.

The strange moment came after the French midfielder had a shot blocked by United defender Victor Lindelof. As the ball was cleared, the United fans began to chant “Thank you, Mrs. Rabiot” in appreciation of the effort.

The chant was in reference to Rabiot’s mother, Veronique, who is a well-known figure in the football world. She is the agent of her son and has been involved in a number of controversial transfer deals over the years.

The most notable of these was the move of her son from Paris Saint-Germain to Juventus in 2019. The move was seen as controversial as it was widely believed that Rabiot had been offered a much higher salary than what was offered by PSG.

This led to the chant of “All because she got too greedy” from the United fans, as they felt that Rabiot’s mother had been the driving force behind the move.

The chant was met with a mixed reaction from the fans, with some finding it amusing and others feeling it was in poor taste. However, it was clear that the United fans were appreciative of Rabiot’s effort and wanted to show their appreciation in a unique way.

The chant was also a reminder of the power of agents in the modern game and how they can influence the decisions of players and clubs. It is a reminder that football is a business and that agents can often be the ones who make or break a deal.

It was certainly an interesting moment in the Carabao Cup final and one that will be remembered for some time. It was a reminder of the power of agents and the influence they can have on the game. It was also a reminder of the importance of showing appreciation for the efforts of players, even if it is in a strange way.