Marlon Vera explains why ‘bada**’ Logan and Jake Paul get hate from fans

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UFC bantamweight Marlon Vera recently offered his candid take on why Jake Paul and Logan Paul often find themselves on the receiving end of flak from fans. He asserted that it is envy that drives most of their naysayers and detractors.

While in conversation with Brendan Schaub on the latest edition of The Food Truck Diaries, Vera opened up about Jake Paul and Logan Paul and all the success that they have achieved over the course of their brief careers in combat sports and more.

Marlon Vera admitted that their detractors were jealous of the fact that the duo had earned so much money and received attention from fans all over the world after taking an unusual path to prominence in the combat sports community.

‘Chito’ further commented on the hate that comes with such success. However, he himself could not help but hail the Paul brothers for all that they had achieved in such a short amount of time:

“These f***ers came from f***ing Disneyland, dancing with f***ing ballet dresses and now they’re f***ing bada**. Good for you…’ Why people hate them? Two reasons. They got more money than the hater and they got more attention than the hater and the hater is a f***ing loser that don’t fit for nothing and only get f***ing dry.”

Catch Marlon Vera’s full interaction with Brendan Schaub below:


Marlon Vera gives Jake Paul props for knocking out former UFC fighters

In the same interaction with Brendan Schaub, Marlon Vera went on to discuss Jake Paul’s exploits inside the squared circle.

The fact that Paul only fights old and washed out fighters is a narrative that has surrounded him ever since his scrap against Ben Askren. The same was only bolstered when he locked horns with Tyron Woodley on two occasions.

However, Marlon Vera disputed this narrative, claiming that both Askren and Woodley were accomplished and lethal fighters, who were undone by ‘The Problem Child’ decisively:

“Hey, those two old guys [Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley] that he beat, they were in the UFC. So somehow, those two old guys are kind of bada**. So I give it to him, and he put out cold, both of them. Both of them dead, face down, a** up.”

Jake Paul locked horns with Ben Askren at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, back in April 2021. He managed to score a first-round TKO over the former UFC fighter.

Tyron Woodley, on the other hand, took on the Cleveland native on two occasions. The first fight came to an end after he outscored the former UFC welterweight champion, winning the fight by way of split decision.

Their second outing, however, ended much sooner as the YouTuber-turned-boxer knocked Woodley out cold in the sixth round of their clash.

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