Michael Bisping believes he beats Chael Sonnen in a rematch “quite easily”


Michael Bisping believes he would easily beat Chael Sonnen should the two meet in the octagon again, even though he hasn’t managed to beat Sonnen in their two previous encounters.

Bisping and Sonnen fought each other in the UFC in 2012, with Sonnen getting his hand raised by unanimous decision. It’s a loss that ‘The Count’ has brought up from time to time as questionable, which just shows that MMA judging was just as contentious a decade ago as it is now.

In a new fan Q&A, Bisping gave his thoughts on a hypothetical rematch, saying:

“Who would win in a rematch, Uncle Chael or me? Uh, me. Quite Easily. I actually had a grappling match with Chael Sonnen in 2016. Yeah, we had a grappling match, and it went to a draw.”

Watch Michael Bisping’s full fan Q&A below:


After a moment’s silence, Bisping moved on without elaborating on the topic. There’s a good reason for that: the grappling match between Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen was universally panned and described as an uneventful training session between friends.

Even that is somewhat overselling the match. The majority of the bout saw Sonnen and Bisping circling each other and hand fighting. Total time on the ground grappling across three rounds amounted to just over thirty seconds.

Watch the grappling match between Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping below:


The grappling match was part of a ‘quadruple main event’ for the now-defunct promotion UR Fight. The event also featured Roy Jones Jr. vs. MMA fighter Vyron Phillips in a boxing bout, Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle in a pro wrestling bout, and Shannon Ritch vs. Mavrick Harvey in an MMA bout that was a last-minute replacement for Dan Severn vs. Ken Shamrock.

Roy Jones Jr. Stops “The Fan” Vyron Phillips in 2 RDs. 100K was up for grabs for Phillips if he was victorious. https://t.co/Kq2km56dZC

Michael Bisping was chased by robots around Singapore for not wearing a mask

Michael Bisping was lucky enough to commentate UFC 275 in Kallang, Singapore. While the former champ enjoyed his time in the country, he did find it odd that they had COVID-19 safety robots rolling around scanning peoples’ faces for masks. In a recent episode of Believe You Me, Bisping said:

“There’s a lot of robots around, believe or not. I got accosted by a couple of robots for not wearing a mask. I told it to go f**k itself … They just roll up to you. At breakfast in the hotel, because you’re supposed to have mask on indoors, but you can take it off when you’re eating. And then I just got up to grab something and I got accosted by a robot. Big smiley face and told me to put my mask on. F*** off, I’m having a coffee. Leave me alone.”

Bisping will undoubtedly feel more at home on his next international assignment when he commentates the UFC’s return to London on July 23.

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