Moneybagg Yo’s Osama Bin Laden tattoo sparks hilarious reaction from fans online 


Rapper Moneybagg Yo has become the topic of discussion on social media after one of his tattoos went viral. The rapper flaunted his body in his latest Instagram post allowing fans to get a glimpse of all of the intricate designs.

Though there were a few eye-catching tattoos like that of Martin Luther King Jr. on his back, a tattoo of Osama Bin Laden has left fans shocked.

The tattoo of the terrorist was located on his right leg around his ankle. This is not the first time a rapper has made reference to Bin Laden. Music artist Young Boy Never Broke Again mentioned him on his 2017 track Collateral Damage.

Moneybagg Yo leaves Twitter in a frenzy over Osama Bin Laden tattoo

Several netizens found it hilarious that the 30-year-old rapper sported the aforementioned tattoo. Although it has left the internet storming with laughter, a few fans did their best to make sense of the situation.

Twitter user @LilGilTrill guessed that the tattoo is likely inspired by the song Bin Laden written by Three 6 Mafia. The netizen made the prediction because both Three 6 Mafia and Moneybagg Yo grew up in Memphis.

i got an idea why moneybagg yo got the bin laden tattoo… he from Memphis n grew up listenin to Memphis legends Three 6 Mafia n they got a song called Bin Laden Weed… makes sense 🤷🏻‍♂️

Other reactions to the tattoo included:

lmfaooo now why tf do moneybagg got osama bin laden tatted on his leg

I know twitter said you don’t need tattoos with meaning .. but someone please explain to me why tf Moneybagg Yo got Osama Bin Laden tatted on him lol

I’m sure there is a logical explanation and in reality, maybe I just need to mind my own damn business, BUT… why in the hell does Moneybagg Yo have a portrait of Bin Laden tattooed on him?!?!? I’ve been giggling about this for too long now

so moneybagg yo has a tattoo of osama bin laden…smiling ???

Has Moneybagg Yo explained the Bin Laden tattoo on his ankle yet? Like I know he has bare portraits of people from his on him…. But why that😕

does Moneybagg Yo have a portrait of Osama Bin Laden on his calf? I am in here hollering.

After netizens were baffled by the tattoo, the rapper took to Twitter asking people to “stay out of my business.” Though it is unclear what he was referring to, it might be due to his tattoo gaining immense traction.

Moneybagg Yo had mentioned in a GQ interview that he is a fan of face tattoos of “people who mean a lot to me.” He stated:

“I like a lot of Kevin Gates. He got a lot of real art on him. Like he had faces. That’s kinda what I want to do with my back and my stomach. I want to get all my kids’ faces on my stomach or something like that. A lot more faces and stuff.”

Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher

Along with being known for his tattoos, the rapper’s personal life has unsurprisingly been of interest to his fans. He has been dating influencer Ari Fletcher since 2020.

Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher (Image via Getty Images)
Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher (Image via Getty Images)

In September last year, Fletcher gifted the rapper 28.8 acres of land for his birthday as it was a “gift that keeps on giving.”

The influencer posted the same on her Instagram profile, but it has since been deleted.

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