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nfl fans baulk at cheap super bowl tickets

With the Super Bowl matchup set, fans have been quick to try and grab tickets to the NFL’s showpiece game in two weeks.

The game will see Joe Burrow and the Bengals take on Matthew Stafford and the L.A. Rams at SoFi Stadium and fans have been quick to try and grab tickets, but there is just one problem: the price. ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed the cheapest ticket for the Super Bowl is $6,434 with no fees.

This has led to one NFL fan suggesting that some people’s definition of “cheap is vastly different to theirs with a ticket costing over $6,000.

“Some people’s definition of affordable is very different than mine…,” the user wrote.

Some people’s definition of affordable is very different than mine……

Fans irate over Super Bowl ticket prices

For celebrities who are expected to attend the final game of the NFL postseason in Los Angeles, the price for tickets might be nothing more than pocket-change. However, as one Twitter user points out, over $6,000 for one ticket is not considered cheap by any means to the average NFL fan.

If fans are planning on going to the Super Bowl, they will have to save their pennies in order to secure a ticket. One fan posted that they were hoping to go to the game but said that normal folks can’t afford the ticket prices and they would have to mortgage the house just to afford it.

“Normal folks can’t afford the ticket prices. Ridiculous!! Support my Bengals my whole life and have to take a small mortgage to go to the game,” they wrote.

@AdamSchefter @TickPick Normal folks can’t afford the tickets prices. Ridiculous!! Support my Bengals my whole life and have to take a small mortgage to go to the game.

Similar sentiments were shared over the affordability of the Super Bowl, with one fan saying that it is only for the rich. They were saddened by the fact that the average person would simply not be able to afford going to watch the big game.

@AdamSchefter @TickPick The superbowl is only for the rich. Thats why you mainly just see celebrities at the Superbowl. Millions of blue-collar Americans will never get to attend a Superbowl. It’s sad.

Another Bengals fan replied by stating that they are a season ticket holder with the AFC team, but a ticket is still going to cost them a substantial amount of money.

Another fan took to using a meme, suggesting that Cincinnati Bengals fans will never financially recover from buying a Super Bowl ticket.

Everyone in Cincinnati when they see the price of Super Bowl tickets…

One football fan shared their disdain at the “ridiculous” price of Super Bowl and Playoff tickets in general, and even went as far as to suggest the NFL be investigated for price-gouging

@AdamSchefter @TickPick It’s ridiculous regular fans are priced out of or forced to pay insane amounts for playoff/ SB tickets! NFL should be ashamed & investigated for price gouging

Meanwhile, NFL draft analyst and Bengals fan Joe Goodberry tweeted that he intends to enter every Super Bowl ticket competition possible.

I’m about to enter every Super Bowl Ticket contest possible

Wrestling reporter Sean Ross Sapp simply came out and straight up asked someone to buy him Super Bowl tickets, his tweet garnered over 1000 likes.

Someone buy me super bowl tickets

A fellow Twitter user took a screenshot of the ticket prices across certain sections of the field with some as “low” as $5745 for a single ticket with others up near the $6,000 mark.

No matter how much the tickets cost, it is expected that SoFi Stadium will be sold out come gametime as the Bengals, along with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, look to win their first Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, for Los Angeles, their high-octane offense, led by Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. will look to put on a big display. So too will their frightening defensive front with the likes of Aaron Donald, Von Miller and Leonard Floyd. As the Rams seek to win a Lombardi Trophy on their home field in two weeks’ time.

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