49ers Extend Lead to 30-12 with Deebo Samuel’s 27-Yard Touchdown

49ers star receiver Deebo Samuel gave his team and its fans a brief scare.

Samuel stayed on the ground, injured, after a punishing 19-yard run that didn’t end until both Adoree Jackson and Bobby Okereke pulled him down. With medical personnel looking at Samuel, the crowd chanted “Dee-bo!”

Seven plays later, Samuel was in the end zone.

He caught a 27-yard touchdown pass from Brock Purdy, giving the 49ers a 30-12 lead with 5:58 remaining.

Samuel fell on the football when Jackson and Okereke tackled him, apparently knocking the wind out of him.

Samuel has six catches for 129 yards and a 2-yard run.

The Giants stayed in Thursday’s game longer than they should have, because the 49ers had three red zone field goals. They saw drives stall at the New York 11, 3 and 18.

Otherwise, the game would have been over long before it was.

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