49ers Hold Top Spot for NFL’s Highest Cap Space, Confirms John Lynch’s Plan to Carry It Forward to 2024

The 49ers have more than $40 million in salary cap space available this season, by far the most of any team in the NFL. But General Manager John Lynch says that money won’t be spent this year.

Lynch said the 49ers’ primary plan with their cap space is to roll it forward to next year. Teams can add unspent cap space in one year to the next year’s cap.

“Really, we always look at the cap for three years out,” Lynch told “Obviously, we have all that room this year. But really it’s to create room for future years because we roll everything over. It helps us in future years because it creates some room we’re going to need.”

If an expensive veteran player becomes available in a trade the 49ers have the cap space for him, but that’s not their plan.

“We’ve pretty much done what we’re going to do this year,” Lynch said. “But you never know with the trade deadline and all that.”

Although the 49ers’ highest-profile personnel move in recent years — giving up three first-round picks for Trey Lance — was an unmitigated disaster, they’ve managed to build a talented roster while staying in good salary cap shape. Part of that is thanks to Brock Purdy being the single best value in the NFL, and Purdy won’t be eligible for a new contract until 2025. Which means the 49ers are well positioned to win both in the present and into the future.

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