A.J. Brown Shows Support for Nick Sirianni Amid Eagles Speculation: ‘I Hold Him in High Regard’

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A.J. Brown won’t have the speculation run rampant on whether Nick Sirianni has lost the Philadelphia Eagles locker room. Brown defended his head coach while shooting down any reported quarrels he has with the coaching staff. 

“There may be things that Nick probably wanna fix about himself. Loyalty is not one of them,” Brown said, via SportsRadio WIP. “He takes (the blame) for us when it has nothing to do with him. He gets the blame, but that comes with his job. Sometimes Jalen (Hurts) does the same thing. Just like Brian (Eagles offensive coordinator Brian Johnson), he gets the wrong end of the stick sometimes — when it be us. 

“The coaches played zero snaps this year. It is not the coaches. It is us.” 

Sirianni has taken a lot of blame for the Eagles losing four of their last five games. That’s par for the course for a city like Philadelphia, especially when the Eagles demoted a coordinator in the middle of that stretch. Brown pointed out a Jalen Hurts final interception against the Seattle Seahawks in the final seconds of the game, where Brown admitted the players improvised — but Sirianni took the bullet for them saying he was trying to get a flag on that play. 

“He really came out and made himself look like a fool for us,” Brown said. “I have nothing but respect for him. Not all coaches do that. We ride with Nick. We ride with Brian (Johnson).” 

Brown feels the Eagles are close to turning things around, knowing the NFC East is still there for the taking and a deep playoff run is still possible. He’s not giving up on the season, sensing the Eagles are close to getting things right. 

“Honestly, I feel like we are close to continue toward getting better and taking that next step,” Brown said. “All this freakin adversity, we right there. That’s what happens when you’re trying to get to the next step. Gravity pulls against you, everything pulls against you. That’s what this team is going through right now. Once we fight thought that, push through that, we’ll be fine. 

“We’re gonna be right where we need to be. We got great people in this locker room. We got good people.”

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