Chris Long, ex-Patriot, suggests it wouldn’t shock him if Bill Belichick were to coach elsewhere

Former Patriot Chris Long ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ to see Bill Belichick coach elsewhere originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

With their 24-17 week two loss to the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots have officially fallen to 0-2, the franchise’s worst start to a season since 2001. Fans have been quick to throw blame on all different aspects of the Patriots, from Mac Jones, the offensive line, the lack of receiver talent, and even to one of the greatest coaches of all time – Bill Belichick.

Former New England Patriot Chris Long joined NBC Sports insider Tom Curran on the Patriots Talk Podcast to talk about the early struggles. After discussing linebacker Matthew Judon’s post-game speech, where he claimed the Patriots are not a bad team, Curran asked Long about Belichick’s accountability.

“In my personal opinion, it depends on the outcome of the next year or two,” Long stated. It seems like Long is giving Belichick the benefit of the doubt.

Long continued, “I think he’s the G.O.A.T., and I think that entitles you to certain runway that other people don’t get.”

Even with all the praise he gave to Belichick, he didn’t hold back from stating the obvious concerns surrounding the team.

“I do think some of the personnel stuff is a bit troubling…You look at the roster, and there are areas where I would have done it different, but who am I?”

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‘Personnel issues’ could be a few different areas on the field, such as the receiving core, the offensive line, and arguably even Mac Jones, but Long didn’t specify. But with all of these issues known, and Belichick still not making any notable moves, is he to be held accountable, even with his ‘G.O.A.T.’ entitlement?

When mentioning he’s talked to people closer to the situation, Long claimed they say, “that’s not going to buy you a free pass to 4-13…You need to see improvement.”

Long, who also specified that he is not an insider on this situation, went on to talk about Belichick’s future.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see him coach somewhere else one day. I think it’d be interesting.”

Going into their week three matchup against the New York Jets, Belichick is currently 25 wins away from overtaking Don Shula’s record as the most winningest coach in NFL history.

Also in this episode: Curran and Long talk about the Patriots’ offense, Matthew Judon’s week 2 speech, whether Bill Belichick needs to be on the hot seat, and more!

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