Improvement is a Must: Enhancing My Skills and Russ’s Acumen

The Broncos fell to 0-2 today, and head coach Sean Payton said a big part of the problem was that he and quarterback Russell Wilson aren’t communicating well enough on play calling.

Payton said the Broncos need to improve in getting the right players on the field, getting the play called and getting to the line of scrimmage quickly.

“There was a number of drives where we’re late with personnel, getting out of the huddle we took a while. That’s got to change. We burned timeouts in the first half, and I’m not used to doing. We’ve got to be better. I’ve got to be better, Russ has got to be sharper getting the play out,” Payton said.

Payton also said Wilson may need to wear a wristband, something Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has previously indicated he wanted to do and Wilson resisted. For all the talk in the offseason about how Payton would bring out the best in Wilson, there are still significant problems facing the Broncos’ offense.

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