Justin Fields auditions for ‘King of the North’

Justin Fields auditions for ‘King of the North’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

“Justin Fields, 6-foot-3, 227 pounds, and I’m auditioning for ‘The King of the North.'”

The Bears quarterback teamed up with the NFL’s social media team for a fake audition for “The King of the North.” The video is a spinoff of the NFL’s skit about a table read of this season’s NFL “script” for the upcoming season. The video is based on the oddball conspiracy theory about sports outcomes being fake.

Fields made a case for himself, calling himself one of the top five best rushing quarterbacks of all time.

He added an interesting plot line for his “character” this season.

“Picture this, I rush for 2,000 yards this year,” Fields said.

He also suggested he would be a great “protagonist” and the NFL should make him one by the end of the season. He also writes that the Bears should win the NFC North.

“Viewers would go crazy for that,” Fields said.

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