Lewis Hamilton Explores American Cuisine, Chargers Target Harrison Butker, and Steelers Attempt to Amuse Deebo: Top NFL Schedule Release Videos for the 2024 Season.

Lewis Hamilton Explores American Cuisine, Chargers Target Harrison Butker, and Steelers Attempt to Amuse Deebo: Top NFL Schedule Release Videos for the 2024 Season.

The 2024 NFL schedule has arrived, along with the battle of the release videos. 

All 32 teams go above and beyond (some more than others) to create unique, dramatic or hilarious clips to announce their lineup for the upcoming season.

The Chargers’ Sims-inspired video has been making waves after the team took a subtle jab at the Chiefs’ Harrison Butker.  

The controversial kicker made sexist comments about women in the workforce last week, and the Los Angeles team had a savage response. 

Here, Mail Sport has rounded up some of the best schedule release videos of 2024. 

Los Angeles Chargers 

If this was the Super Bowl of NFL content, the Chargers would be coming out on top. 

In their video, which was inspired by the Sims video game, they mocked all of their opponents, including their AFC West rival, the Chiefs. 

At the end of the clip, Butker was seen putting a pie in the oven and cleaning the kitchen counter, a clear dig at his recent remarks that women should be ‘homemakers.’ 

Denver Broncos 

The Broncos tapped seven-time Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, to announce their 2024 schedule. 

The Mercedes driver, who is part of the team’s ownership group, taste tested foods from the cities of their opponents. 

‘That’s prison food. That one really offended me,’ he said after eating grits, which represented the Carolina Panthers.

Dallas Cowboys 

The Cowboys called upon Jerry Jones, Post Malone, Dak Prescott, Michael Irvin and internet personality TimTheTatman to pull off their release video. 

The FaceTime prank call trend, popularized by the Kardashian family, showed the group of A-listers cold calling fans of their opposing teams. 

The group sat in silence while dialing people like Kristin Juszczyk, Bert Kreischer, and Kay Adams, all of whom appeared bewildered by the bizarre video call. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

The Kansas City Chiefs kept it simple while announcing their 2024 lineup. 

The reigning Super Bowl champions jumped on a popular TikTok trend, which featured various items being squished by a hydraulic press. 

A few highlights included peaches to represent the Falcons, a bunch of electrical cords for the Chargers, and a rubber horse to represent the Broncos. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Steelers recruited former linebacker, James “Deebo” Harrison, for their hilarious release video. 

In the clip, each of the players attempted to make the two-time Super Bowl champ laugh as they unveiling their schedule for the upcoming season. 

‘Why did the pony ask for a glass of water? Because it was a little hoarse,’ Russell Wilson said to a stony-faced Harrison.

New England Patriots 

Former Patriots players Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski put their spin on various scenes from the iconic 1997 flick, Good Will Hunting. 

‘My boy is wicked smaht,’ Gronkowski says at one point in the clip, mimicking Boston royalty, Ben Affleck. 

Elsewhere in the hilarious video, a janitor mimics Matt Damon’s character when he says, ‘Hey, you like apples, how do you like them apples?’


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