The Problem with George Pickens’ Displays of Frustration, According to Mike Tomlin

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Steelers wide receiver George Pickens has been spotted airing his frustration with the team’s offense in multiple games this season and head coach Mike Tomlin was seen having a conversation with him at one point during last Thursday’s loss to the Patriots.

Tomlin didn’t share the details of that conversation at a Monday press conference, but he did discuss Pickens’ in-game displays of displeasure. Tomlin called frustration “a natural human response” while saying that he would prefer to see Pickens take a different path if he’s feeling that way in the future.

“It’s a problem because it’s not solution-oriented,” Tomlin said. “You know we are all frustrated, but we got to manage our frustrations in a professional, mature way. When it’s not done that way, it’s not necessarily pushing us to solutions.”

Pickens, Tomlin, and the rest of the Steelers will try to find some solutions before facing the Colts in Week 15.

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