Time for Action: Patriots’ Unacceptable Losing Streak Calls for Delivering What We’re Paid For

When the Jets last beat the Patriots, their quarterback was Ryan Fitzpatrick, their top receiver was Brandon Marshall and their head coach was Todd Bowles.

Fitzpatrick is retired, Marshall is a nominee for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Bowles is in his second season as the head coach of the Buccaneers, which is a long way of saying that we’re a long way from Week 16 of the 2015 season. The Patriots have won the last 14 games in the series between the two, including both games that took place during wide receiver Garrett Wilson’s rookie season.

Wilson was on ESPN Radio Tuesday and said “it’s time that things change around here” because “14 straight is unacceptable.”

“I inherited — I walked into a team that, we haven’t beaten the Patriots,” Wilson said. “I feel like that’s why they brought me here, brought me and Sauce [Gardner] here and the guys here — to make things like that change. It’s time we do what we get paid for.”

This Sunday’s game against the Patriots was shaping up to be an ideal chance to break the streak, but Aaron Rodgers’ injury has left the Jets looking like the team that lost two close games last year because their offense couldn’t make enough plays. The 0-2 Patriots are now favored to extend their streak to 15 in a row unless Wilson, Gardner and others can figure out a way to finally break the spell.

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