Week 3 of the 2023 NFL: PFT’s Power Rankings


1. Cowboys (2-0, No. 6): Yes, they’ve leapfrogged multiple unbeaten teams. That’s a reflection of how dominant they have been in two games.

2. 49ers (2-0, last week No. 1): In 19 days, they get a chance to settle things on the field against the Cowboys.

3. Dolphins (2-0, No. 2): The Dolphins screwed around with an inferior team and almost had to work overtime for the win.

4. Eagles (2-0, No. 3): Something’s missing.

5. Chiefs (1-1, No. 5): The offense still needs to get back on track.

6. Ravens (2-0, No. 9): It’s pretty good to be winning games while still working out the kinks of a new offense.

7. Bills (1-1, No. 10): The Jenga tower has currently stabilized.

8. Jaguars (1-1, No. 7): Holding the Chiefs to 17 points should be good enough to beat them.

9. Jets (1-1, No. 4): It was closer than the final score suggested, but it gets no easier with a desperate Patriots team up next.

10. Seahawks (1-1, No. 18): They made an impressive recovery from a horrible Week 1 outing.

11. Lions (1-1, No. 8): The blue ski masks are better than paper bags. To avoid the latter, the Lions need to improve defensively.

12. Steelers (1-1, No. 15): Here’s the easiest fix to a beleaguered offense — throw it to George Pickens.

13. Giants (1-1, No. 14): Disaster avoided. Or maybe it’s just disaster delayed.

14. Buccaneers (2-0, No. 18): The post-Tommy Bucs are quickly becoming a great story.

15. Commanders (2-0, No. 20): Eric Bieniemy’s star is rising.

16. Falcons (2-0, No. 26): After a pair of 7-10 seasons, a 2-0 start really isn’t a shock.

17. Browns (1-0, No. 11): Deshaun Watson isn’t the player he was when with the Texans in 2020.

18. Packers (1-1, No. 13): They’re going to regret blowing a game they should have won.

19. Saints (1-0, No. 23): September wins are money in the bank, and the Saints are squirreling away victories that could make a huge difference in January.

20. Titans (1-1, No. 27): They need to coach their quarterback out of his current Jekyll-and-Hyde vibe.

21. Bengals (0-2, No. 12): Yes, they know how to overcome slow starts. The quarterback’s nagging calf injury changes things.

22. Chargers (0-2, No. 16): Coach Brandon Staley got a little salty with reporters after the latest loss. His team and the rest of us need to see that version of him a little more often, if he hopes to make it to 2024.

23. Rams (1-1, No. 17): No, a meaningless field goal to cover the spread does not make a difference for these purposes.

24. Colts (1-1, No. 31): They could become fringe playoff contenders, if they would work out their issues with Jonathan Taylor.

25. Vikings (0-2, No. 21): Last year, the coin always landed heads. This year, tails hasn’t failed.

26. Patriots (0-2, No. 22): It feels like a changing of the guard is happening, even if the old guard isn’t willing to step away.

27. Raiders (1-1, No. 24): The latest visit to Buffalo went better than 51-3, but not by much.

28. Broncos (0-2, No. 25): Sean Payton is already making it subtly clear that, if Russell Wilson doesn’t figure things out, he won’t be back next year.

29. Bears (0-2, No. 28): The clock is ticking on pretty much everyone except ownership and Kevin Warren.

30. Panthers (0-2, No. 29): Did David Tepper pick the wrong quarterback? (And, yes, the owner made the call.)

31. Texans (0-2, No. 30): C.J. Stroud has shown promise. But at some point they need to win a game.

32. Cardinals (0-2, No. 32): Are they getting blown out? No. Still, if you’re at the bottom of the barrel, you don’t climb by losing.

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