Overall standings, GodLike emerge table-toppers 


The Quarter-Finals of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021 concluded today. The 16 Quarter-Finalists of Group 4 fought in six matches, with only the top six teams from Group 4 advancing to the Semi-Finals, while the remaining teams were eliminated.

GodLike Esports topped the overall points table without any chicken dinner. Of their 96 overall points, 58 were attributable to their aggressiveness.

Underdog team Tactical Esports showed balanced gameplay to claim second place while third place went to another underdog team, 4 Heroes. Enigma Gaming again demonstrated its expertise by securing fourth place.

In another development, Team Soul has been shockingly eliminated from the tournament. They were doing well until the fourth match, but horrible performances in their last two matches were the sole cause of their elimination. Team Soul finished in seventh place and missed the Semi-Final spot with five points.

BGIS Quarter-Finals Group 4 overall standings

Top 6 teams advanced to BGIS Semi-Finals (Image via BGMI)
Top 6 teams advanced to BGIS Semi-Finals (Image via BGMI)

With 10 kills, Tactical Esports emerged victorious in the first match. GodLike and Soul were unable to do much because the zone was a water one, but they managed to collect five frags apiece.

Team X Lions won the second match with eight kills, but it was GodLike that topped the points table with their 13 frags. Neyoo of Godlike was the MVP of the match for his eight-kill contribution.

Overall standings of BGIS Quarterfinals Group 4 (Image via BGMI)
Overall standings of BGIS Quarterfinals Group 4 (Image via BGMI)

The third match was one of the insane ones in BGIS 2021. The final circle saw four teams fighting for chicken dinner, but it was Enigma Gaming that won the match with 16 kills. 4 Heroes came second thanks to Mighty’s game sense, while it was Team Soul that secured third place.

FPS Gaming went berserk in the fourth match of Sanhok with 16 kills. GodLike again showed aggression and accumulated 18 kills. Soul also had a great game as they came third with five frags.

4 Heroes came out on top in the fifth match with 12 kills. Team Insane and GodLike both had an early exit, but they took nine and seven frags, respectively.

The final match of the day was won by Tactical Esports with six kills. Tactical Kid played brilliantly to eliminate four players and claim the chicken dinner. TKM Esports topped the match table with 15 kills while GodLike grabbed six kill points.

Qualified teams for BGIS: Semi-Finals from Quarter-Finals Group 4

1. GodLike Esports

2. Tactical Esports

3. 4 Heroes

4. Enigma Gaming

5. Team X Lions

6. R Esports

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