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Pat McAfee believes tough decisions may be in store for Patrick Mahomes concerning his inner circle

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas Chiefs’ shocking loss to the Cincinnati Bengals will be a common storyline this offseason. While the team’s early season struggles could be written off as a sort of letdown after last year’s Super Bowl loss, some people have shifted that blame to Mahomes and his family.

Pat McAfee, the former pro wrestler and punter, commented on his YouTube show that Mahomes might need to address an issue with off-field distractions, including Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes.

Pat McAfee thinks Patrick Mahomes needs to minimize his distractions, which include his fiancée and brother.

Pat McAfee is known for his unfiltered takes on his YouTube show. In the latest episode, he did not hold back when offering his thoughts on the possible Patrick Mahomes distractions:

Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee
Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee

“I wonder if we will see the same tag team duo off the field around the Mahomes family next season as we saw this season? I would take a strong guess at no. Just a strong guess at no. I might be wrong.

They’ve been thrusted in the spotlight as well at a young age, right? I mean, there is just a lot of stuff, but I think next season, we’ll see a very different group.

And I wonder if they’ll have a family sit down and just be like, ‘It feels like everybody likes me personally. And I know this is very selfish to say because football is a team sport and the family is a family thing. But boy, it does feel like the only bullshit I really deal with is, is because of you two.’”

Most modern day sports stars deal with distractions, whether from family or friends, but as the face of the NFL, Patrick Mahomes’ distractions are examined under a much harsher light. As it stands, there are other logical explanations for Mahomes and the Chiefs early exit from the playoffs this year.

One alternate reason being that their defense underperformed during the worst stretch possible (the Chiefs defense gave up 36 points to Buffalo and 27 to Cincinnati in the playoffs).

This is still one of my favorite moments from Patrick Lavon Mahomes II. He’s just special. 🥰

There’s no doubt that Patrick Mahomes had a down year by his standards, throwing a career-high 13 interceptions in the regular season. Whether or not off-field distractions have definiteively affected his performance, fans will never really know, unless a statistical correlation is made between Mahomes’ performance and less time in the spotlight for Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes.

The Chiefs look to reload next season in order to return to the Super Bowl. The team has several important decisions to make concerning players hitting free agency, but as long as the Chiefs have Mahomes, wide receiver Tyreek Hill, and tight end Travis Kelce, they should be in contention.

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