Patrick Beverley believes 6-time All-Star can’t be the best player on a championship team


Over the past few weeks, Patrick Beverley has become one of the hottest topics in basketball. Since the Minnesota Timberwolves got eliminated from the postseason, he has been a regular guest on ESPN’s talk shows. Beverly is known to be outspoken on the court and is now bringing it to TV.

In his time, Patrick Beverley has praised players like his former teammate James Harden, laid into Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul and now has his sights set on Miami Heat All-Star Jimmy Butler.

Following their loss in Game 5 to the Boston Celtics, the Heat find themselves on the brink of elimination. As the team’s best player, everyone will be zeroing in on Butler to see if he can force a Game 7 and keep Miami’s finals aspirations alive.

Recently, a discourse broke out about Butler’s status in the league and whether he could be the top guy on a title-winning team. When asked about his thoughts on the subject, Patrick Beverley admitted he does not see Butler in that light.

“He was with Philly he wasn’t the main guy there, obviously you spend a little time with the Timberwolves couldn’t get it done there and Miami couldn’t get it done.”

Is Patrick Beverley right about Jimmy Butler?

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: Game 5
Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: Game 5

Patrick Beverley makes some good points, but there are some flaws to it. Since his arrival in Miami, he has done more than enough to warrant himself of being the top guy on a contending team.

Without him, they would not have made their finals run in the bubble during the 2020 season, and Miami finished as the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

Jimmy Butler these Playoffs:🔥 28.7 PPG🔥 7.6 RPG🔥 5.4 APG🔥 2.1 SPG🔥 52.5 FG%The @MiamiHEAT host Boston in Game 1 of the East Finals at 8:30pm/et on ESPN!

In terms of style of play, Butler is a perfect fit for the way the NBA is trending. That being said, there is one weakness that makes Patrick Beverley feel he can’t get it done at the highest level.

“There’s no discredit to his game I love Jimmy plays, he’s a two way player he plays both ends of the floor. I just don’t think he could shoot the ball from the three good enough.”

Another factor in this debate is age. At 32-years-old, Butler is on the back end of his prime. With the wear and tear of a long career starting to catch up to him, it could affect his ability to be “the guy” for a team on a nightly basis.

Even at this point, a case can be made for Butler being the top player on a contending team. If he is able to somehow lead Miami past Boston to secure a spot in the finals, there will be no denying it.

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