Piers Morgan Calls for BBC to Suspend Attenborough, Sugar After Lineker Removal


The recent news that BBC has suspended Gary Lineker from presenting Match of the Day has sparked a debate about the future of other high-profile presenters on the network. In particular, many have called for the suspension of David Attenborough and Alan Sugar, two of the most recognizable faces on the BBC.

The decision to suspend Gary Lineker was made after he made comments on social media that were deemed to be in breach of the BBC’s editorial guidelines. Lineker had tweeted his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, which the BBC deemed to be inappropriate for a presenter of its flagship football show.

The decision to suspend Lineker has been met with criticism from many, including Piers Morgan, who has called for the BBC to take similar action against David Attenborough and Alan Sugar. Morgan has argued that both Attenborough and Sugar have made comments in the past that have been deemed to be offensive or inappropriate, and that they should be held to the same standards as Lineker.

Attenborough has been accused of making comments that are insensitive to indigenous people, while Sugar has been accused of making sexist and racist comments. Both men have denied any wrongdoing, but the BBC has yet to take any action against them.

The debate over the future of Attenborough and Sugar has been further complicated by the fact that both men are highly respected figures in the UK. Attenborough is widely regarded as one of the greatest naturalists of all time, while Sugar is a successful businessman and a former star of The Apprentice.

The BBC has yet to make a decision on the future of Attenborough and Sugar, but it is clear that the debate is far from over. Piers Morgan has made it clear that he believes both men should be held to the same standards as Gary Lineker, and it remains to be seen whether the BBC will take action against them.