Prospective Birmingham City owner Bassini challenges ‘c***’ Simon Jordan to £1m FIGHT after incredible row live on radio


POTENTIAL Birmingham City owner Laurence Bassini has challenged “c***” Simon Jordan to £1 million fight following an explosive row live on TalkSPORT.

Radio presenter and former Crystal Palace owner Jordan, 54, revealed a foul-mouthed text message that he had received from the angry ex-Watford chief on Twitter.

Simon Jordan has been challenged to a £1m fight


Simon Jordan has been challenged to a £1m fightCredit: The Sun
Laurence Bassini was involved in a furious row with the ex-Palace owner on TalkSPORT


Laurence Bassini was involved in a furious row with the ex-Palace owner on TalkSPORTCredit: PA:Empics Sport

The two were embroiled in a vicious argument live on TalkSPORT yesterday morning.

And after the show was done, it seems that Bassini was keen to continue their feud inside the ring.

Sharing screenshots of the alleged message he had received, they read: “Tell Jordan I want to fight him in the boxing ring £1,000,000 for charity. Failed football club owner, failed filmmaker, responsible for someone [sic] death and a pundit on your show.

“Tell that c*** when I return to the UK I am going to give him a good hiding. Tell that c*** that he can take this text to the police because I will even go into the police station and give him the hiding he deserves.”

Jordan tweeted along with the grabs of the text saying: “Following on from the insightful drivel from the intellectually challenged Bassini, he wanted to pass this message onto me. Good luck #bcfc fans.

“Btw – Laurence is more suited to a circus ring than boxing ring. Given I’m not 12, I won’t be taking him up on his offer.”

Bassini claimed on the morning show with Jordan and co-host Jim White that he is on the verge of buying Birmingham.

But before he revealed that, he launched a bizarre rant at Jordan.

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He said: “I’m about to take you to Birmingham City but first I want to say a couple of things.

“Last time we spoke, I want to be very clear on this, people say a lot of things about me and that’s fine.  

“I never mock you and I don’t make fun of you. There’s been a lot of things that are said. Simon, when you say that I’m the ‘odd one’, I’ve never been disrespectful.  

“I am buying the club and let me tell you something, you guys make fun of me, you’ve slagged me off with Watford. You’re a failed owner of Crystal Palace!

“Simon, I’ve always been respectful to you, you use the microphone to say things about me.

“Tell me where and when! I’m sick of you slagging me off.”

Bassini added that he plans to buy Championship club Birmingham for between £35m-40m and intends to win the league with them.

That led Jordan to reply: “What, the village idiot league!?”


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