Qataris Issue Ultimatum to Glazers Over Man Utd Plans

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The Glazer family, owners of Manchester United, have been handed an ultimatum by Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) over their plans to remain at the club. The Qataris have warned that their bid to take control of the club is ‘all or nothing’, and that the Glazers must either accept their offer or face the prospect of being forced out.

The Glazers have been in control of Manchester United since 2005, when they completed a controversial takeover of the club. Since then, they have been the subject of much criticism from fans, who have accused them of running the club as a business rather than a football team. This has led to a number of protests from supporters, who have called for the Glazers to sell the club.

Now, it appears that the Glazers may finally be forced to sell up, as QSI have made it clear that their bid is ‘all or nothing’. The Qataris are reportedly willing to pay up to £3.5 billion for the club, which would be a record fee for a football team.

QSI are owned by the Qatar Investment Authority, which is the sovereign wealth fund of the country. The group has already invested heavily in football, having taken control of Paris Saint-Germain in 2011. They are now looking to add Manchester United to their portfolio, and have made it clear that they are willing to pay whatever it takes to get the deal done.

The Glazers have yet to respond to the ultimatum, but it is thought that they are reluctant to sell the club. They have previously stated that they are committed to Manchester United and have no intention of selling up. However, with QSI’s offer on the table, it appears that they may have no choice but to accept the deal.

It remains to be seen what will happen next, but it is clear that the Glazers are facing a difficult decision. If they accept QSI’s offer, they will be able to cash in on their investment and walk away with a huge profit. However, if they reject the offer, they risk being forced out of the club and losing out on a potentially lucrative deal.