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Quin69 permabanned from League of Legends, fans

Quintin “Quin69” shared on Twitter today that he was permanently banned from League of Legends after buying a new account to bypass the 14-day suspension he received yesterday.

The suspension he received yesterday was due to him “int-ing,” a phrase the League community uses which means intentionally losing or dying in-game. The reason for him purposefully losing was because he was constantly suffering from enemies and friendly players “stream sniping” him, meaning they would watch his stream while playing against him.

This gave them insight on whatever Quin and his team were doing. While stream sniping is a banable offense in League, the automated ban system can’t do anything about it unless players report the snipers, which certainly wasn’t going to happen since he was in a game filled with them.

Int-ing, on the other hand, is something that many players will immediately report, as it ruins the game for everyone involved.

Quin69 permabanned on LoL after bypassing suspension

That’s exactly what happened after Quin69 went AFK (away from keyboard) many times in multiple matches, being handed a 14-day suspension from the automated system. While he was upset that he was banned, he quickly purchased a new account to bypass the ban, which is a very serious offense against League’s terms of service.

While purchasing an account may not seem like a banable offense, the fact that he bought the account to bypass his existing ban definitely violates Leagues rules and that too, when he was streaming himself playing the game earlier in the day.

He announced the news on Twitter by sharing a cropped screenshot of the ban notification, claiming that this was due to him being harassed by players exploiting the ban system.

what is @RiotSupport up to lmao? literally turning a blind eye to people abusing the report system & clearly breaking the rules in order to harass streamers…but then go out of there way to permaban my temp borrowed account? do they just hate streamers???

In most other situations, his fans would try and defend him and try to get League to unban him, but considering his actions leading up to this permaban, they were quick to criticize his framing of the situation.

Many went on to reply to the tweet to leave their comments of disappointment, with some saying that if the suspension was unjust, he could have simply talked to the support team to get it removed instead of illegally purchasing a new account.

@quinrex @RiotSupport 1. You int damn near every match you get into, seeing no fault in your gameplay, hardstuck iron2. You tried to dodge your suspension. Had you talked to support directly, probably wouldnt have happened.3. account sharing is against TOS4. Inting is auto-detected and auto-banned.

@quinrex @RiotSupport Your int ban, is an automated system detecting int’ing, multiple reports doesn’t do anything without the system detecting int’ing gameplay. The same happens for this bot system. I fear you’re shouting into the wind at an automated system, like yelling at an electric door.

@quinrex @RiotSupport You could have waited at least a day to try and talk to someone at Riot, but instead you chose to just ban evade on a “borrowed” account. LOLW

@quinrex @RiotSupport i mean this one was kinda given, talking about buying accs on stream for 2 hours then playing on a “borrowed” fresh acc not sure what u expected here

@quinrex @RiotSupport What do you do with people that ban evade because of some ban you did while malding?Yeah you ban them again.Deserved or not of course, this is the same, questionable ban – yeah. But ban evading and getting permad, own fault.Glad the League arc is over – for now

While the status of Quin69’s main account is unknown as of now, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was also given a permaban in the near future.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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