Rainbow Six Extraction is headed to Xbox Game Pass Day 1


Rainbow Six Extraction’s reveal has had mixed reactions among the fanbase, with many naysayers gathering steam. One major issue that fans had was the fact that the game was priced as a full AAA game and many players felt that it was unfair. However, the gaming community will be delighted to know that Rainbox Six Extraction will be available on Day 1 of its release at no additional cost to all the Xbox Game Pass owners.

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Rainbox Six Extraction is essentially an extension of the Rainbox Six Siege’s popular gameplay mode. Ubisoft felt they had the potential to make a new PVE co-op game in the Siege universe. While their hopes were that the game would be received positively, some fans felt otherwise. Whichever the case, the latest developments are sure to appease a lot of fans.

Rainbow Six Extraction’s decision to be available on Day 1 of the Xbox Game Pass is a great one

Many members of the gaming community believed that while it’s completely fair to re-use an existing game’s assets, the price that was put on the title isn’t correct. Some of the points do have relevance because Rainbow Six Extraction, as mentioned earlier, is the upscaled version of an existing mode.

Rainbow Six Extraction being on Xbox Game Pass changes things

The major point of criticism of Rainbow Six Extraction wasn’t the reuse of assets or the reveal trailer. It was the price, as many believed Ubisoft was trying to exploit the Rainbow Six Siege playerbase. Taking in the feedback, the price at release has also been reduced by Ubisoft.

But by making the game available on the Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft shows a brave decision. At the cost of higher profits, Ubisoft has now ensured that Rainbow Six Extraction has the potential for a much larger player base. Many players who wouldn’t have bought the game earlier might now consider giving it a try.

On the other hand, many believe that some of the criticisms levied on the game are unfair. Rainbow Six Extraction now has the opportunity to showcase its value to the world. For those who have felt bitter about the pricing, many will not have to pay anything more if they already own the Xbox Game Pass.

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