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Ranking Michael Jordan’s top ASG dunks

Fourteen-time NBA All-Star Michael Jordan was one of the league’s biggest entertainers. Whether it was a regular season game or an All-Star game, Jordan always put on a show when he was on the floor. Over the course of his career, he was a fan-favourite, helping the NBA extend its reach outside the United States. Talk to a random stranger about the NBA and chances are they’ve heard of Michael Jordan.

In his fifteen seasons in the league, Jordan missed only one All-Star game and was almost always the highest vote getter. Jordan was an explosive offensive player, who willed his way to the basket – racking up some highly explosive dunks throughout his career. When it came to All-Star games, he never stopped competing and rarely put in a disappointing performance. On that note, let’s take a look at his three best dunks from all-star games.

Michael Jordan’s top three dunks in All-Star games

No. 3: 1988 All-Star Game – Block and transition dunk

The 1987-88 season was one of Michael Jordan’s best seasons in terms of individual performance. He finished the season with Defensive Player of the Year, Most Valuable Player of the Year and even the All-Star Game MVP awards. The 1988 All-Star Game was a show of athletic display as both teams played at the top of their game.

Michael Jordan dropped 40 Points in the 1988 All-Star Game🔥

On Feb 7th, 1988, Jordan had a night to remember, scoring 40 points and grabbing 8 rebounds. He was also effective defensively, racking up four steals and four blocks. In fact, his best dunk of the game was the result of a block on the defensive end. Jordan came from behind, to reject Hakeem Olajuwon’s attempt, and then proceeded to take it all the way to the other end of the floor – flushing it down.

No. 2: 1992 All-Star Game – Pippen lobs to Jordan from the baseline

Jordan was having another strong start to the season, averaging 29.7 points, 6.4 rebounds and 6.2 assists in 47 games – by the All-Star break. The Chicago Bulls had lost only eight games at the time, and had their two superstars – Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, represent the team in the 1992 All-Star game.

The duo combined for 32 points as the East ended up losing the fixture by a 40-point margin. But they had a highlight play that was especially eye-catching. From an out-of-bounds play, Jordan used a simple jab step fake to get away from Clyde Drexler and slammed down a pass from Scottie Pippen – right in the middle of the paint.

No. 1: 1997 All-Star Game – Dunk off a free-throw miss

Michael Jordan made his eleventh All-Star appearance in the 1996-97 season, at age 33. He received more than 2 million votes that season, leading the East to a 12-point victory. Jordan shot poorly but recorded a triple-double with 14 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. He shot only 35.7% from the field.

However, Michael Jordan didn’t miss the opportunity to show his superior athletic ability by earning himself two points from a missed free-throw attempt. His teammate Grant Hill attempted to make a shot from the charity stripe but missed as the ball rolled off the rim – Jordan who was fastest to react, had already started his ascent seemingly before the ball had come down. From outside the three-point line, he streaked in and slammed down the missed shot.

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