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Release date, leaked rewards, bundles, and more

Cosmetics are very desirable in Free Fire, and hence these come with a very high price tag. Several players rely on Elite Pass, which is one of the most cost-effective and accessible ways to acquire outfits and more at a much lower cost.

Luckily for players, a new one is released every month, and they must complete the missions to acquire badges, which will help them get the rewards. The existing pass will end soon, which has subsequently increased the hype around Elite Pass Season 48.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should avoid playing it.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 48 for May release date

The current pass ends in 10 days (Image via Garena)
The current pass ends in 10 days (Image via Garena)

Like every previous pass that began at the beginning of the month, Free Fire Elite Pass Season 48 will go live on 1 May 2022. Players can upgrade to the Elite Pass for 499 diamonds and the Elite Bundle for 999 diamonds (the price will vary according to the server).

Additionally, they will have the option to pre-order the Elite Bundle a few days in advance for 999 diamonds. However, this will also offer an exclusive pre-order reward which is yet to be unveiled.

Checkmate Dame Bundle and Checkmate Knight among leaked Elite Pass Season 48 rewards

Although the rewards set for each Free Fire Elite Pass differ, it always provides multiple jackets, t-shirts, two exciting bundles, and skins for other items, including outfits and more.

  • Collect 0 badge to get Tuk Tuk – Checkered King
  • Collect 5 badges to get War of Chess avatar
  • Collect 10 badges to get AN94 – Checkered Knight
  • Collect 15 badges to get Checkmate Warrioress (Top)
  • Collect 30 badges to get Knight Mind Banner
  • Collect 40 badges to get Checkmate General (Top) and Knight Mind Avatar
  • Collect 50 badges to get Checkmate Dame Bundle
  • Collect 80 badges to get VSS Checkered Knight
  • Collect 100 badges to get Checkmate T-shirt and Knight Gleam Skyboard
  • Collect 115 badges to get Rook Master Banner
  • Collect 125 badges to get Grenade – Checkered King
  • Collect 135 badges to get Rook Master Avatar
  • Collect 150 badges to get Art of Chess banner and Board Gallop loot box
  • Collect 170 badges to get Come and Dance emote
  • Collect 195 badges to get Checkered King Backpack
  • Collect 200 badges to get Mind Game Backpack
  • Collect 225 badges to get Checkmate Knight Bundle

Players must note that these are just leaks and must be taken with a grain of salt as Garena has not shed light on the rewards for the upcoming pass. This pass may or may not feature these items during the release.

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