Richarlison Banned to Tottenham U18s After Criticizing Conte

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Richarlison has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The Everton forward has been heavily criticised for his outburst against manager Antonio Conte, and his subsequent comments about a pundit. It has been suggested that the Brazilian should be banished to Tottenham U18s for his behaviour.

Richarlison has been a key player for Everton since joining the club in 2018. He has scored 24 goals in 81 appearances for the Toffees, and has been a regular starter under Conte. However, his recent behaviour has been far from acceptable.

In a recent interview, Richarlison criticised Conte for his tactics and team selection. He said that the Italian was too defensive and that he was not giving him enough chances to express himself. This outburst was met with a lot of criticism from fans and pundits alike.

The Brazilian then went on to criticise a pundit who had criticised his performance. He said that the pundit was “talking nonsense” and that he was “not qualified to talk about football”. This was seen as a huge lack of respect and was met with further criticism.

Given the seriousness of his behaviour, it has been suggested that Richarlison should be banished to Tottenham U18s. This would be a huge punishment for the Brazilian, as it would mean that he would have to play in a lower division and would not be able to represent Everton in the Premier League.

However, it could also be seen as a chance for Richarlison to learn from his mistakes and to prove that he can still be a valuable asset to the team. It would also give him the opportunity to work on his attitude and to show that he can be a leader on and off the pitch.

Ultimately, it is up to Everton to decide what to do with Richarlison. If they feel that he has gone too far, then they may decide to banish him to Tottenham U18s. However, if they feel that he can still be a valuable asset to the team, then they may decide to give him another chance.