Roman Reigns Attacked by Owens at Smackdown Contract Signing


The WWE Smackdown results from this week’s show were explosive, as Roman Reigns was attacked by Kevin Owens during a contract signing one week ahead of the Royal Rumble.

The show opened with a contract signing between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens for their match at the Royal Rumble. Owens was accompanied by his manager, Paul Heyman, while Reigns was accompanied by his cousin, Jey Uso.

The contract signing quickly turned into a heated exchange between the two superstars, with Owens accusing Reigns of being a coward and Reigns accusing Owens of being a liar. As the two continued to argue, Heyman attempted to intervene, but Reigns told him to stay out of it.

Things then took a turn for the worse when Owens attacked Reigns, sending him crashing through the table. Owens then proceeded to beat down Reigns, with Uso attempting to intervene but being held back by Heyman.

The attack was eventually broken up by the Smackdown locker room, with Reigns being taken to the back for medical attention.

The attack on Reigns was a shocking turn of events, and it has left fans wondering what will happen when the two meet in the ring at the Royal Rumble. Will Reigns be able to get revenge on Owens, or will Owens be able to take advantage of the attack and win the match?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the Royal Rumble is sure to be an explosive event. With Reigns and Owens set to face off, it is sure to be a match that fans won’t want to miss.