Scott Brown Shaves Head Before Games: Celtic Legend’s Transformation

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Scott Brown is a Celtic legend, having spent 13 years at the club and captaining them to nine consecutive Scottish Premiership titles. But the midfielder has recently undergone a dramatic transformation, shaving his head before every game.

The reason behind this drastic change is an incredible one. Brown has revealed that he shaves his head before every game to honour his late grandfather, who passed away in 2018.

Brown’s grandfather, John Brown, was a huge influence on the Celtic star’s career. He was the one who encouraged him to pursue a career in football and was a constant source of support throughout his career.

When John passed away, Brown was devastated. He wanted to do something to honour his memory and decided that shaving his head before every game would be the perfect way to do it.

Brown has said that he feels his grandfather’s presence when he shaves his head and it gives him the strength and motivation to perform on the pitch.

The Celtic star has also said that he hopes his gesture will inspire others to remember their loved ones in a similar way.

Brown’s transformation has been remarkable. He looks like a new man and his performances on the pitch have been outstanding.

The incredible reason behind Brown’s transformation has been an inspiration to many. It’s a reminder that we should never forget those who have had a positive influence on our lives and that we should always strive to honour their memory.