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“Sometimes you got to s**k it up”

Toni Storm’s WWE departure was unfortunate. The young star was viewed as a future Women’s Champion and also considered among the most talented female wrestlers in the world. However, a burnout led to her requesting her WWE release, and it was granted. Vince Russo explained both sides of the situation with regard to Storm.

It was difficult for Toni Storm to manage on the main roster as things quickly got hectic. After years in the ring, she suffered a major burnout and it was believed that the workplace environment wasn’t healthy for her either.

On the latest episode of The Bro Show, ex-WWE writer Vince Russo explained that everyone is looking for something different, and admitted that the sports entertainment juggernaut doesn’t have the best work environment:

“It’s really hard because each wrestler or performer is looking for something different. Like Bill [Apter] said, it could have been the almighty dollar [money]. I worked in the WWE, and it’s not the greatest, happiest place to work in the world. But if I’m a wrestler, and it’s all about my brand, you don’t have a bigger stage.” (7:35)

However, Russo stated that in terms of growing one’s brand as a wrestler, there is no better stage than WWE. He stated that it allows maximum exposure before the inevitable change into a different field:

“Sometimes you got to s**k it up just to be on the brand because one day you’re going to move to different pastures. So you want as many people to know you as possible. There isn’t a bigger stage than the WWE. But the bottom line is, it all depends on each individual and what they’re looking for”

You can watch the full episode of The Bro Show below:

Toni Storm joins AEW

After quick financial success resulting from a certain adult platform, Toni Storm would make the jump to All Elite Wrestling, significantly strengthening a growing roster.

On the 30th March episode of AEW Dynamite, Storm made her debut in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and defeated The Bunny. It was announced soon after that the young star had signed with the company.

Are you excited to see what AEW has in store for the 26-year-old? Voice your thoughts in the comments below!

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