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‘They raped our girls’ – Olek Zinchenko slams former Russian team-mates for not speaking out against Ukraine invasion

OLEKSANDR ZINCHENKO has hit out at his former Russian teammates for not condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The defender, 25, played for Russian side FC Ufa before moving to Manchester City in 2016.


Zinchenko has slammed his former teammatesCredit: Reuters
Man City have rallied around the 25-year-old


Man City have rallied around the 25-year-oldCredit: Getty

He recently expressed his anger towards some people at the club that have been reluctant to speak out on the horrendous events that are unfolding in Ukraine.

When speaking to The Guardian, he said: “I have friends over there, a small circle, but now it has reduced almost to nothing.

“I’m so disappointed. The guys I know called me as soon as the invasion happened, texting me: ‘I’m so sorry, Alex, but we can’t do anything’.

“Of course you can. If you stay silent it means you support what is happening in Ukraine right now, and I can’t see why they would.

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“Maybe they are scared, because we see pictures on social media of Russians being taken to prison if they protest. 

“But look at footballers in particular, or anyone with a massive audience.

“Can you believe that, if all of them posted something on Instagram at the same time saying: ‘Guys, we are against the war, we need to stop it’ they would all be arrested?

“Of course they would not. And it’s such a shame that they say nothing.”


Zinchenko grew up in the city of Radomyshl, which is situated in Northern Ukraine.

He went on to discuss his perspective on the horrendous events that have unfolded in his home town: “It’s a nightmare. A shock to the whole world, the things they have done. Terrible, scary things,” the 25-year-old added.

“They killed our civilians. They killed our children. They raped our women and girls.

“They killed our dogs and even ate them. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel about them.

“I hate them so much, for everything they have done to the Ukrainian people and Ukraine.

“And I hate the people in Russia who are trying to convince others that this is propaganda. It’s embarrassing. How can they say this?

“People sent me pictures, the real facts. The bodies of our dead civilians were lying on the ground for two weeks.

“They have to take responsibility for this.”

Zinchenko’s Man City teammates have all rallied around him over the past few months.

Prior to the club’s FA Cup match against Peterborough last month, Fernandinho handed the captains armband over to the Ukraine international.

Pep Guardiola has also shown his support, after the game against the Posh, he said: “It shows how important is the situation [in Ukraine]. All of the club is behind this gesture, behind our captain, to represent his country.

“It will be good for him to show why he is here and a magnificent player needs to play football.

“Human beings have the ability to adapt and overcome difficult situations.

“Of course he cannot be happy but in training with his mates, talking in the locker room… football is so addictive, the ball is so attractive.

“He can forget for a short time. Then when he comes back home to his wife and daughter I can imagine it must be tough.”

Russia are still attacking the country of Ukraine.

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A military hardware factory in Kyiv was hit by Russian strikes early on Saturday morning.

700 Ukrainian servicemen are in Russian captivity, according to officials.

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