Tokyo Revengers chapter 242 spoiler reveals the real name of Takemichi’s gang


The Twitter-user Mina @taiyakiboi has just posted a spoiler about Tokyo Revengers chapter 242 and it reveals the name of Takemichi’s gang. However, only the details of the gang and a single quote from Takemichi have been leaked. Mina’s spoilers have always been accurate in the past, but it must be remembered that there is no raw scan to support the claims yet.

[The article contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 242]

Tokyo Revengers chapter 242 spoiler: The real name of Takemichi’s gang is a call-back to the past

TR 242 LEAKSTOKYO MANJI GANG SECOND GENERATION LETS GOOO – also who else thought the name would be “Tokyo Revengers”😭?

After laughing and agonizing about the name “Thousand Winters,” and the questionable designs Chifuyu had come up with for logo and the uniform, fans are finally relieved.

However, to the disappointment of many, Takemichi’s gang is not named “Tokyo Revengers.” He has decided to call it the Second Generation of Tokyo Manji Gang.

The quotation in the Tokyo Revengers chapter 242 spoiler is from Takemichi talking to Mikey in his head. He tells the latter that he has created a team and named it after Toman.

He plans to fight the Kanto Manji gang and win, because he is tired of losing and it won’t get him anywhere. He promises to get back to the ideal future that everyone has lost. He ends his monolog with,

“This is not just me; it is our revenge!”

Mina also posted a detailed list of positions and divisions in the gang as disclosed in Tokyo Revengers chapter 242. Takemichi is the president of the Second Generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang, with Chifuyu as the Vice-president. Like the First Generation, the Gang has five divisions.

TR 242 SPOILERS ⚠️“Mikey… I created a team. The team name is Tokyo Manji Gang!! We’re going to crush Kanto Manji Gang from now on!! I’ll definitely win!! I won’t end it if I keep losing!! So let’s get back what everyone had given up!! This is not just me, it’s our revenge!”

Inui Seishu heads the First Division with the Mizo Middle Five as the members. It is not disclosed if they have a vice-captain. The Second Division is headed by Mitsuya, with Hakkai as his vice-captain, and the Third Division is headed by Pah-Chin with Peh-Yan resuming his role as the vice-captain.

The Kawata Twins lead the Fourth Division with Smiley as the captain and Angry as the vice-captain. Senju is the captain of the Fifth Division, but she has no vice-captain. It appears that Takeomi has not joined Takemichi’s Gang, and will not be fighting Mikey.

In conclusion

Tokyo revengers 242 spoilers //The name of the manga makes so much sense as the japanese meaning of ‘revenge’ isn’t ‘payback’ but it’s ‘trying again after you failed’. The full name of the manga is the Tokyo Manji revengers, and 2nd generation are the revengers of OG toman.

With the positions all set, they would need to accumulate quite a bit of manpower to counter Kanto Manji Gang. There has been no news of the Haitani brothers or Kakucho, so it remains to be seen if they will join either side in this fight.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 242 comes out on Wednesday, February 16, and can be read on ComiXology, INKR, InkyPen, and other platforms associated with Kodansha. Various online websites also make the manga available for free.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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