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TommyInnit fans in shock after he reveals he is “homeless”

Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons has revealed that he has been left homeless after an issue with his temporary accommodation.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, TommyInnit was “Just Chatting” with his viewers when he shocked a them with the announcement. He narrated the story of how he had been unable to move into what he termed an “interim” house, due to a supposed gas leak. He had most of his things moved into the house before the landlord apparently told him the bad news.

TommyInnit reveals his move to Brighton has been halted after a leak in his temporary house

TommyInnit told his viewers a few days ago about his plans to move to Brighton. However, he shared how those plans had hit a roadblock in one of the most unusual streams ever on Twitch. The reason it was unusual was because he streamed from a public library to thousands of viewers.

However, due to the nature of his setting, he couldn’t appear on the stream and instead, narrated his story to his fans while his friend and fellow streamer “Ranboo” acted out the scenes.

The Minecraft streamer had to go through these extreme measures because he couldn’t move into his new, temporary apartment due to a supposed carbon monoxide leak. He told his fans that his landlord informed him how it could take an extra week before he could move into his apartment, saying:

“He goes, ‘you can’t stay here likely until probably late next week.’ And I go, ‘what?,’ and he goes, ‘yeah, it’s good you got your stuff, we’re gonna have to go stand outside.'”

Meanwhile, Ranboo was acting the whole thing out as TommyInnit orated his troubles with the new house. Tommy then revealed how he felt like he had been left homeless. His viewers in the Twitch chat didn’t know if they should empathize with the streamer or laugh at how hilarious the whole situation sounded.

TommyInnit gets kicked out of a public library while streaming

Tommy later revealed via a tweet that he had been kicked out of the public library he was streaming from. This was because of the commotion caused by him talking to Ranboo over a Discord call to pull off this highly unconvenential stream.

I am frequently thrown out of public libraries https://t.co/q56pTFovuz

Fellow streamers Ranboo, Wilbur Soot, and others provided some hilarious replies to his tweet about getting kicked out of the library.

@tommyinnit @WilburSoot bro ive literally been asking you where the library is for two years and you knew this whole time??? not cool

His fans, on the other hand, reacted in shock at how the whole debacle had unfolded.

@mellohibench You know, I got to a point , I don’t know what toy expect for him, I’m just speechless all the time from Tommyinnit

tommyinnit has to be a social experiment WHAT DO YOU MEAN he got kicked out of his new house because of a gas leak so now hes been wandering around homeless for god knows how long and he decided to stream from a library computer.

i cant believe some random library computer I’m brighton is gonna have the ip to the dream smp on it 💀

The streamer has yet to reveal what he plans to do until the issue with his new home is sorted. His fans will no doubt be keeping a keen eye on this story to find out what happens next.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee

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