Senior Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan is currently in the headlines of social media for his courage and firm stand for the U-17 girls’ Kabaddi players, who were eating food in a dirty and stinky bathroom in Uttar Pradesh’s city of Saharanpur.

Speaking about the video, it can be seen that the players were being served food on the floor of a restroom in the stadium. It all happened during a three-day state-level U-17 competition of Kabaddi for Girls.

The media reports and various sources have learned that this incident allegedly happened in the stadium’s bathroom section. The video of this incident went viral on social media within minutes of being shared by a couple of users.

Veteran Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan happened to raise his voice for the kabaddi players. Later on, he went a mile ahead to request the State govt. of Uttar Pradesh, and CM of state Yogi Adityanath to come up with strong and necessary action against those who are involved in this misconduct with the state-level players.

Fans also heaped their praises on the 36-year-old for his courageous stand coming to raise his voice and going out of the way. They took to Twitter for appreciating Dhawan’s effort.

Here’s the Tweet from Shikhar Dhawan:

Here’s how fans reacted:




Speaking of the earlier developments and statements in the incident, the sports office of Saharanpur came ahead with a denial mode on the claims made in the video and called them ‘baseless.

“Food served to players here is of good quality. There was a space crunch and the food was cooked near the stadium pool. Because it was raining, we made arrangements for food in the swimming pool area,” said Saxena.

“The food was kept in the changing room next to the swimming pool. Some construction work is being done in the stadium and there was no other place to keep the food because of the rain,” he added later.

Although, Saxena was suspended by the state of UP as the scandal arrived in the headlines of the media.