Top 5 free rewards to claim in Garena Free Fire Squad Beatz event


Events are probably the most popular way for Free Fire players to rake in a wide assortment of items that would otherwise require them to break the bank. Most dedicated fans participate in these activities, frequently completing a series of objectives to receive rewards.

The Squad Beatz event has been in full swing in Free Fire over the past few days. Here are some of the best items that users should not miss out on.

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Best rewards to get from the Free Fire Squad Beatz event

5) Kord – Brassy Core and Maroon Laser Pan

Kord Brassy Core (Image via Garena)
Kord Brassy Core (Image via Garena)

Gamers will have to play the game for 60 minutes on 12 February 2022 to obtain this Kord – Brassy Core as part of the Play to Win event in Free Fire.

Pan skin (Image via Garena)
Pan skin (Image via Garena)

On the other hand, Maroon Laser Pan is a reward in the Kill Challenge where users need to eliminate a specific number of opponents. The pan has the requirement of 50 eliminations, and the event ends on 15 February.

4) Brassy Backpack

Brassy Backpack (Image via Garena)
Brassy Backpack (Image via Garena)

For the peak day of Squad Beatz, i.e., on 12 February 2022, players will receive a free Brassy Backpack as part of the log-in rewards. However, this also means that individuals who do not take advantage of the chance now will be unable to do so at a later date. Since accessing the interface does not take much time, players can easily grab this reward.

3) Gun skin (Gold Draw)

Gold Draw emote has started in Free Fire on 12 February (Image via Garena)
Gold Draw emote has started in Free Fire on 12 February (Image via Garena)

The game’s developers rarely offer gun skins and other items for diamonds. Garena recently added the Gold Draw event, where players can use gold to get free grand prizes. Also, new prizes are added every day for the first five days of the event running until 20 February. Gamers stand a chance to get rare gun skin trials in this event.

2) Burnt BBQ emote

The Burnt BBQ emote (Image via Garena)
The Burnt BBQ emote (Image via Garena)

The Burnt BBQ emote is included in the latest top-up event, which will conclude on 14 February 2022. Gamers must collect a total of 500 diamonds in order to obtain the legendary emote and loot box. This is a great deal, considering that emotes are more expensive in the store.

1) Jewel Mystified Bundle

Jewel Mystified Bundle in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Jewel Mystified Bundle in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Players can grab the Jewel Mystified Bundle by collecting Beatz Token – Ruby and subsequently utilizing it to play Gem Shuffle to get rewards. Gamers need to accumulate a total of 120 stars for the Jewel Mystified Bundle. Users may also exchange the tokens directly for the stars with the rate set at 3x Beatz Token – Ruby for one star.

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