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Tributes pour in as Italian icon passes away

L’Avventura star and Italian film legend Monica Vitti recently passed away in Rome at the age of 90. On Wednesday, news of her death was announced by filmmaker and former mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni.

Veltroni tweeted:

“Roberto Russo, her partner of all these years, asked me to communicate that Monica Vitti is no longer with us. I do it with pain, affection, regret.”

Roberto Russo, il suo compagno di tutti questi anni, mi chiede di comunicare che Monica Vitti non c’è più. Lo faccio con dolore, affetto, rimpianto.

Vitti made her last public appearance in 2002, with her last on-screen appearance being in a 1992 TV movie, Ma tu mi vuoi bene? The actress is survived by her long-term partner and husband, Roberto Russo. She reportedly had no children.

Monica Vitti’s cause of death

According to multiple reports, Vitti died due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease. As per Gramilano, she reportedly dropped out of the “public gaze” in 1996, after it was revealed that she had Alzheimer’s. The nonagenarian star made her last public appearance in 1992 at the premiere of the Notre-Dame de Paris musical in Paris.

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease (aka senile dementia) usually suffer from progressive loss of brain functions and memory. The disease also causes complications with the brain, which eventually ceases to function properly, causing the patient’s demise.

Tributes pour in for the late Italian icon, Monica Vitti

Following news of Vitti’s demise, fans across the world paid tribute to the late 90-year-old star. Numerous tweets noted her glamorous beauty and acting prowess.

Monica Vitti remembered that Italian women would embrace her in the street, saying that she was what they wanted to be. Vitti’s way of working, living, and capturing the many facets of modern women made her a muse for millions.A great actress. RIP.

Sad and difficult to say farewell to the magnificent Monica Vitti, though we all knew she’d been ill for many years. RIP to one of cinema’s greats.

the monica vitti lines i say to myself in times of need (when i am speaking on zoom, when my clothes tear)

No one captivated the screen like Monica Vitti, whose luminous presence, mysterious gaze, and intelligence as a performer made her a cinema icon synonymous with some of the greatest films ever made. Goodnight, Monica Vitti ❤

RIP Monica Vitti, an actress known for her cool beauty, thousand-yard stare & knack of making alienation look glamorous, but who could also do comedy, even in the middle of a movie as bleak as Antonioni’s L’Avventura:Monica Vitti, 1931-2022

Rest in Peace Monica Vitti, the marvelous Italian actress and cinema icon ✨💚🤍❤️

monica vitti could melt from reverie to revelry in a handful of frames:a thinking actor whose intelligence never blocked her surrender to the frame. a goofball and an all-time dime! welcome home monica—we do it for you

Antonioni’s movies would have been a hell lot blander and shallower without Monica Vitti. Supremely talented. Endlessly charming. Fiercely independent. One of the greatest ever. Rest in peace, Queen.

i had told myself that this year i would get into the films of monica vitti. i first saw her in a la notte & was instantly captivated by her luminous presence. and i know watching her other films will give me the same effect. what an incredible loss 💔

Exploring the late Monica Vitti’s legacy

Monica Vitti (aka Maria Luisa Ceciarelli) was born in Rome, Italy, on November 3 1931. The late actress was known for films like 1960’s L’Avventura, 1962’s L’Eclisse, and 1964’s Red Desert. Throughout her extensive career in the Italian film industry, spanning over 38 years, Vitti collaborated with Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni in the 1960s. As per local publications, she was rumored to have a relationship with the director.

Following her graduation from Rome’s National Academy of Dramatic Arts, she debuted in feature films with an uncredited role in Ridere! Ridere! Ridere! In 1954. Vitti received her breakthrough role four years later in Mario Amendola’s Le dritte.

In 1984, Vitti received the Silver Berlin Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival for her role as Laura in Flirt. The Italian star had also appeared in several English-language films from the mid to late-1960s.

In almost four decades of her acting career, Vitti appeared in 63 projects, with the last one being in 1992. The Rome native has won eleven Italian Golden Globes and nine David di Donatello Awards. She also received a BAFTA nomination in the “Best Foreign Actress” category for her performance in L’Avventura.

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