Saturday, May 28, 2022

Twitter erupts as Brock Lesnar bodyslams Wee Man through a glass table

A clip has recently gone viral on Twitter, which shows Brock Lesnar bodyslamming popular actor Wee Man through a glass table at a restaurant.

Brock Lesnar is mere hours away from battling Bobby Lashley in a dream match for the WWE title at Royal Rumble 2022. Earlier this morning, a clip surfaced on Twitter that showed Lesnar hanging out with Royal Rumble 2022 entrant Johnny Knoxville and his co-stars at a restaurant.

At the beginning of the clip, Lesnar can be seen picking Wee Man up. The Beast Incarnate then bodyslams Wee Man through a glass table to a huge round of applause. Knoxville was seemingly having the time of his life and embraced Lesnar just before the clip ended.

You can check out the clip HERE. You can also watch the embedded video below:

Wrestling Twitter had a field day over the viral clip of Brock Lesnar bodyslamming Wee Man

Brock Lesnar is one of the most popular athletes in WWE history. He made his debut way back in 2002 and is still one of the most popular stars in the business. Lesnar became a huge mainstream star during his successful stint in UFC before returning to WWE in 2012.

It isn’t exactly a secret that Lesnar tends to avoid the spotlight that comes with his profession. He has mentioned the same in his autobiography in vivid detail:

“Over the years, I’m sure that being as private as I am has cost me a lot of money. I could be like one of those media wh**es that shows up anywhere there might be a camera just to keep my name out there, and to keep my face on the TV and in the papers so the endorsements will keep coming in. But that’s not me, and I can live with that. I like to stay home, spend time with my family, and be left alone. My life is my life. It’s nobody’s business what goes on in my house, or with my wife or my children. I won’t intrude on your private life. Don’t intrude on mine.”

Lesnar turned babyface after returning to WWE at SummerSlam 2021 following a year-long absence. His demeanor has taken a complete U-turn ever since. Lesnar mingles with fans a lot more now.

Lesnar was enjoying the company of Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, and others, if the viral video is any indication. Fans flocked to Twitter to react to the clip and here are some notable responses:

Brock Lesnar hanging out with The Jackass crew before Royal Rumble 2022

Brock Lesnar bodyslamming Wee Man from Jackass through a table because wrestling and Jackass.

Just Brock Lesnar slamming Wee Man from Jackass through a restaurant table. Happy #RoyalRumble day everybody 😂

Brock Lesnar just out here throwing Wee Man through a table

LMAOOOOOO, Brock Lesnar body slams Wee Man into a table in a middle of a restaraunt

@tmykwoah Bruh I swear this is a different side of Brock we have never seen before like his cool side

What was your immediate reaction to watching Brock Lesnar hit a bodyslam on Wee Man? Are you enjoying his current babyface run?

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