Tyson Fury’s Hilarious Response to Meeting Deontay Wilder After Epic KO Win

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Tyson Fury is no stranger to the spotlight, and his latest hilarious response to meeting Deontay Wilder for the first time since his epic knockout win in English is no exception.

The heavyweight champion of the world was in Las Vegas for the WBC Convention when he was asked about his first meeting with Wilder since their epic fight in February.

Fury, who is known for his quick wit and sharp tongue, responded with a joke that had the room in stitches.

“I nearly got a st***y,” he said, referring to the fact that Wilder had been knocked out in the seventh round of their fight.

The response was met with laughter and applause from the crowd, and it was clear that Fury was in good spirits.

The two fighters had a long and heated rivalry leading up to their fight, and it was clear that Fury was still feeling the effects of his victory.

The two fighters have since gone their separate ways, with Fury now preparing for his next fight against Anthony Joshua.

But it was clear that Fury still had a lot of respect for Wilder, and his response to meeting him for the first time since their fight was a testament to that.

Fury’s response was a reminder that even in the heat of battle, there is still room for a bit of humor.

It was a great moment for Fury, and it showed that even in the toughest of times, he still has the ability to make people laugh.