Adesanya reflective

Israel Adesanya was reflective in his press conference after his shock loss by knockout in the final moments.

“Whats the emotion? I’m grateful. What a life, what a moment,” Adesanya said.

“F—ing crazy ending. Similar to the last time, same story. It’s crazy. But yeah, I was fine.

“The first thing I said to Eugene [Bareman, his coach] or the ref was I was fine. I was lucid, I was in there. But yeah, s— happens. I talked to my coaches and I trust them [that the stoppage was legit], but I was fine. I could see everything, my eyes might have rolled back a little bit but I was lucid.”

He added: “I’m grateful, I’m proud, my team’s proud of me,” he added. “Respectfully, f— all this s—, f— everybody else, it’s all about my team.”