Valorant reveals new Agent Neon, the duelist who can “Sprint and Slide”

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Valorant is set to introduce another new agent with the upcoming patch 4.0. The new Episode 4 Act I is set to kick off with the arrival of the new update next week as well.

Riot has already confirmed that the upcoming Valorant agent will go by the name Neon in the game. The Filipino agent will be the 19th member of the Valorant’s long agent pool. Some leaks also suggest that Neon will join Valorant’s Duelist roster alongside Reyna, Phoenix, Jett, Raze, and Yoru.

However, Riot has already started to give away some information about the upcoming Valorant agent. They also released the first trailer for Neon.

Neon’s “Sprint and Slide” can make her the fastest agent in Valorant

In every Episode, developers introduce two new agents with the start of Act I and III. Every agent of Valorant has some unique abilities, which makes the game more diverse and strategic. Players can expect the same for the upcoming agent Neon, as well.

In the latest ‘State of Agent’, Riot confirmed that Neon will outpace other agents. The trailer suggests the same, as it is seen that Neon has a ‘Sprint and Slide’ that can help her to escape from enemies’ vision pretty quickly.

Previously, only Jett was the fastest agent in the game. Using her ‘Tailwind’ ability, the Korean agent can also escape from enemy within a blink of an eye. Now, Neon can challenge Jett with her “Sprint and Slide” utility.

Riot also revealed some of Neon’s other abilities, including her ultimate. By taking note of all this, it can be said that Neon is going to be a challenging Duelist for her opponents.

The new agent will go live next week with the arrival of the Episode 4 Act I in the game. The upcoming patch 4.0 is expected to be dropped on January 11th once the current Act ends. Hence, players need to wait a few more days to get their hands on the new agent.

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