VAR Boosts Arsenal’s Title Chances Despite Fan Confusion


The introduction of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) to the Premier League has been met with mixed reactions from fans, with some claiming it has taken away the excitement of the game and others claiming it has improved the accuracy of decisions. However, one team that has benefited from the introduction of VAR is Arsenal, who have seen a marked improvement in their results since the technology was introduced.

The Gunners have been in the title race for much of the season, and VAR has played a key role in helping them stay in contention. In the first half of the season, Arsenal were awarded a total of 11 penalties, with VAR overturning two of them. This has been a major boost for the team, as it has allowed them to score more goals and gain more points.

In addition, VAR has also helped Arsenal in other ways. For example, the technology has been used to overturn red cards, which has allowed the team to keep their best players on the pitch. This has been particularly beneficial for Arsenal, as they have been able to keep their key players fit and available for selection.

Despite the benefits that VAR has brought to Arsenal, some Gunners fans have been left baffled by some of the decisions made by the technology. In particular, there have been a number of controversial decisions that have gone against Arsenal, such as the awarding of a penalty to Manchester City in the recent game between the two sides.

However, despite the occasional controversy, it is clear that VAR has been a major help to Arsenal in their title challenge. The technology has allowed the team to score more goals, keep their best players on the pitch, and overturn decisions that would have gone against them. This has been a major boost for the team, and it is likely that VAR will continue to be a major factor in the title race.