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Velveteen Dream opens up about the allegations that led to his WWE release

Velveteen Dream maintains his innocence despite being released by WWE last year.

Dream was recently a guest on Dishing Drama with Dana Wilkey to discuss various subjects. When asked about the accusations that led to his WWE release, Dream stated that it wasn’t true.

“Bulls**t. 100% bulls**t” Velveteen Dream said. “I’d like to throw this in there as well, Josh Fuller was the one that when he decided to show up on social media with his bulls**t allegations, he started the hashtag Fire Velveteen Dream. That’s what it cost me.”

“An investigation was done by WWE, our COO Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, went on record and said there was nothing that WWE found that would incriminate me or cause any concern for the company, a company who sells to children, and I’m being accused of soliciting sex for minors. Come on. WWE found nothing. They even tried to put me back in a program with one of their top stars and then after the Fire Velveteen Dream hashtag blew up.”

Velveteen Dream believes the #FireVelveteenDream hashtag cost him his WWE career

Dream said that despite Triple H giving him time away from NXT television to try and distance himself from the situation, it came back again as soon as he returned, which eventually led to his release.

“WWE gave me time, trying to distance me from the travesty of it all, and then they brought me back on a smaller scale to work with one of their mid-card guys,” Dream continued. “I got a couple months out of that, but #FireVelveteenDream was still trending. Every time I went on TV, it would begin to trend.

“WWE, in the middle of cancel culture, found itself at a loss. Money talks and they have shareholders. Even if they found me to be innocent, now, I’m affecting the bottom line, at least the bottom line they have with me, the money they can make with me, the way they can utilize me on TV. That’s what it cost me. It cost me my career,” said Dream.

Dream said after WWE released him, all of the hateful messages and vlogs stopped, and everyone moved on with their lives except for him, who still has to live with the fallout of what took place.

“It cost me a chance to not only continue a dream, but almost have guaranteed support for my family. It was horrible,” Dream continued. “As soon as I got fired, the air cleared. Everyone deleted their messages, everyone deleted their vlogs. No one had nasty, rude hateful messages to send. It all stopped. It was as if the job got done and now we can all live our lives, except for the guy playing Velveteen Dream, me.”

What do you make of Dream’s comments? Do you think he deserved to be fired by WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription of this interview.

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