Extended Highlights | Irons Secure Third Consecutive League Win | Luton Town 1-2 West Ham

Watch the extended highlights as the hammers earned a third consecutive Premier League win with a hard-fought 2-1 victory at Luton Town!

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19 thoughts on “Extended Highlights | Irons Secure Third Consecutive League Win | Luton Town 1-2 West Ham”

  1. love it when var dont even draw the lines and use a diagonal angle to see whether our player was offside. needs to be consistent no matter the result of it even if its correct. good win for us though luton put up a fight COYI

  2. Next game against Man City is the premier league decider, I hope the Moyesaurus Rex will roar and encourage the players to be brave but not reckless, Man City can be beaten, who is willing to bet against Paqueta and West Ham.

  3. They thought we sold the ‘best’ dm in the league to arsenal. We bought the best DM in the world from Ajax for a bastard fraction of the price 😍⚒
    Alvarez is already a favourite of mine absolute tank

  4. Huku Zanzibar, Tanzania nilionekana kama kituko baada ya kutangaza mwaka 2020 kuwa mimi ni shabiki rasmi wa west ham. Lakini hivi sasa namshukuru Mungu kuwa waliokuwa wananicheka wanaona nini nilichokitarajia kutoka kwa west ham kwani ninajivunia nina timu nzuri, uongozi mzuri na uwekezaji ulio bora kwa timu yangu pendwa west ham

  5. Same as Spurs, West Ham won 3 n drew 1 game in their first 4 games! Both Spurs n West Ham had surprised many people this early season….consider Harry Kane had departured to Bayern Munich n West Ham were struggling last season!! Hope these two teams keep performing as season go by!!!😊🎉🎉🎉

  6. Personally, I think Luton are doomed this season tbh purely because they have still got a championship team even the new signings they made this summer, most of them are championship level players they don't have enough players that have Premier League experience in their squad and that's gonna cost them, you can't survive in the Premier League with a championship team so I think they might even beat Derby's record of being the Premier League's worst ever team
    Sorry Luton fans, I'm just being honest 🤷‍♀️
    I admire what they've done to get to the Premier League, I respect the way they've come from non-league all the way up to the Premier League but unfortunately their business in the transfer window just was not good enough and they are going to finish bottom by an absolute country mile 😬😬😬


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