Extended PL Highlights: Brighton 1 West Ham 3

Extended action from Albion’s home defeat to West Ham.

25 thoughts on “Extended PL Highlights: Brighton 1 West Ham 3”

  1. brighton needs better central defenders, Webster should be on the bench not on the field. I have no idea what he is trying to do with the first goal, and he once again ball watching instead of closing down the player with the second goal. The third goal he was completely beaten by antonio.

  2. please please please bright buy more good players,,,using that 150m please *( caicedo, and mac alister tranfser fees)
    seriously west ham goal keeper this game is performing 10/10 !!! superly good

  3. seriosuly, if Brighton keep all their good players……..
    midfielder: Mac Allister, Caicedo, trossard, March, mitoma, Robert Sánchez, Yves Bissouma, Leandro Trossard, and Fullback Marc Cucurella,
    Brighton is a very very good and strong team you know? top 3 no problem

  4. Brighton did not play well despite the possession. That's a positive to take away from the game. West ham deserved the victory if only for the effort they put in. So far… I am looking at Pedro and wondering why we paid £30m for him. Seen nothing from him that inspires any sense of optimism.

  5. Now that I’ve been able to bring myself to watch this What the hell was Webster doing??
    And the ref was disgusting!!!
    And that should of been a penalty to pervis!
    West Ham were bullies

    If your a West Ham fan don’t bother coming at me as it would be childish

  6. It's incredible how Webster was a crucial weak point of the defence in all 3 goals. 2 messed up passes on the first.
    Complete indifference to Antonio in the second.
    End a messed up tackle on the third. Awful performance


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