Fulham 1-0 Luton | Premier League Highlights

Fulham 1-0 Luton | Premier League Highlights

Luton Town narrowly suffered a fourth Premier League defeat at Craven Cottage against Fulham.

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  1. You guys done so well, some really good plays, such a shame they didn't quite make target. COYH

  2. Kaminski's going to have to start doing better, goals recently being conceded from errors

  3. Luton played some great passing football again, and had so many very good chances to win this game. I'm very positive; it will come very good for Robbie Edwards. Let's move on to the next game. Fantastic away support from our faithful loyal fans. COYH!!!!

  4. As this rate, Luton fans should realise that relegation is ready for them by Thanksgiving. No idea where’s the positivity their fans preach every week after losing

  5. Luton take heart ;better result next time. Pls confess and forsake your sins and receive Jesus as savior and Lord Romans 10 : 13, John 1: 12, 1 john 1: 9

  6. I think they approached the game the right way this time. Gotta make yourself hard to break down when playing away, and try to hit opponents on the counter. If we keep on with these sort of tactics they will pick up points here and there and then make the Kenny a fortress

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