Luton 1-2 West Ham | Extended Premier League Highlights

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7 thoughts on “Luton 1-2 West Ham | Extended Premier League Highlights”

  1. Clear penalty 6:44, if you spread your arms to look bigger for space against your opponent or you try to out jump him than the elbow is debatble, but in this position the elbow is almost at the height of the left shoulder.

    If you play football regurarly that's not a common position when jumping with your hands, the elbow usually is little down under the shoulder, his hand is almost 90 degrees.

  2. After seeing what happened at Fulham and even Burnley, it's clear that VAR is only there for the top 6 clubs to snatch additional points from other teams. Otherwise, why have zero transparency when making decisions – other sports do it, so why not football? Shocking and has no place in the game.


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