Man City 5-1 Fulham | Premier League Highlights | Tough Day In Manchester

Watch the key moments from The Etihad as Fulham faced Manchester City on Saturday.

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34 thoughts on “Man City 5-1 Fulham | Premier League Highlights | Tough Day In Manchester”

  1. So our owner has made Fulham supports pay some of the most expensive ticket prices in european football, then to see us lose 0-3 to brentford and now 1-5 loss to Man City. We sell Mitrovic and replace him with Jimenez, 32 years old who has hardly scored a goal in two years .

  2. City are a wonderful side when they get their movement and passing going like they did today. They deserve to be where they are. However the penalty was another softish one and the offside goal I have to say was almost embarrassing. If this was in the Sixties in some tin pot South American league we would all say how bad the corruption is. In England we smile and keep quiet. No taking away from City. But every week, soft penalties, VAR decisions that just make no sense. Football is being spoilt by awful officials. It can't all be just coincidence. Can they be that awful every week.

  3. I'm not a sore loser but that was a joke. It's hard enough beating City with honest professionals officiating the match, but that lot must have been hired from an agency called Shady Charlatans.
    I'm already Sick and tired of this season and it's only just started.

  4. Two weeks ago, I have commented on NBC you tube channel that the biggest problem for Fulham is the defense. As a coach, you have to see it, you can watch your team 1000 times, but you have to have an ability to SEE what's missing or what players need to be replaced on the pitch to make a change.And it it's not absence of Mitro or the offense, as people keep commenting. With Fulham, it is the defense.

  5. What’s the use of var if they didn’t even bother to check whether city 2nd goal is offside or not , in epl coaches and players are judged by their performances but var & wrong decisions got away with just a apology or at times not even a explanation – think is it fair 🤔

  6. Have to say Justice need be done to smaller clubs who have decisions against them & Fulham has gone the wrong end quite a few times seriously from last season till now and you can see Marco is a brilliant manager despite decisions going against his team yet Fulham still grind it out & survive 👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Everyone was happy when rashford and bruno scored a much verse goal against coty last season and cost city the match and now everyone's hating on city and playing small club cards, all because city's dominance in the whole word, you people just cant accept that city is best club in the world right now😂

  8. The officials in our games ⚽️
    so far this season have been absolutely awful, culminating in yesterday's decision which was quite frankly the worst I've ever seen, it massively changed the dynamics of the match, instead of going in at half time level
    @ 1 – 1 we went in 2 – 1 down.
    That decision brought me to point where I felt compelled to e-mail the Premier league and ask them how much their officials annual salary was excluding bonuses 💰✉️
    I simply cannot see ANY other explanation other than that ! 😡

  9. I didn't watch the game and City were probably much better but how was that second goal not offside? Did he not affect the game? He literally had to jump so the ball didn't hit him. Weird decision.


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