Superb goalkeeping showings in end-to-end Chelsea goalless draw | AFC Bournemouth 0-0 Chelsea

Highlights as AFC Bournemouth put in a strong performance in a entertaining battle with Chelsea at Vitality Stadium.
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  1. £600m odd quid’s worth of talent…apparently….

    Great until the final third and then not a clue, devoid of ideas and still can’t really hit a barndoor from 2 feet away.

    Costa was “ok”, but Chelsea have not had a prolific Striker since Drogba and that was 2012, (the first time round).

    This was Bournemouth, a Team that will be somewhere in the bottom 4, come the end of the Season and nearly as bad as the game against Forest, who will be in the bottom 3, come the end of the Season.

    It really is not good enough.

    Ok, 150 new Players, a completely different Team, but still, one would expect better than this.

    Not only that, so many injury-prone Players signed, knowing how injury-prone they are, is ridiculous.

    Not to mention the price paid fir so many mediocre Players.

    17 Scouts on that CFC Staff and not one of them can find a decent Goal Scorer.

    As for Mudryk….what was Andrew Cousins thinking when he took a look at him and reported back saying: “Yup! He is well worth £70m”.

    And Chelsea has a few of them.

    When Pochettino was put in charge, I was not sure if he was the right man and as the Season goes on, I am even less so.

    Something has to happen with all this and changes need to be made.

    Not only to playing personnel, but formations, tactics, everything, because what they are doing at this time, really is not working.

    0:0 against Bournemouth and I do not care how good the Goalkeepers were, really is no where near good enough for a top League Club.

  2. Am disappointed,to say the least. Equally,I pity the Chelsea club owner(s). They've spent so much in terms of players, bought every player suggested to them. In return for what? 5 points from 5 matches with only a single win against Luton Town. This is intolerable in the premier League and heads must roll from now before another season is lost.
    Let's start with the coach. Pochettino is a joyrider on holiday in London. He has no track record to boast of. At PSG,he dismally failed despite having a galaxy of stars like Neymar Jr,Mbappe,Messi and a host of others. He should be sacked immediately.
    Sadly,I cannot rule out conspiracy among the scouts. All the Chelsea signings are highly praised and priced before arrival..but the script changes the moment they land at Stamford bridge. There is no decent incisive goal scorer in the whole of the Chelsea squad.
    Tactically,there is no team work, neither is there individual brilliance.

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