Watch the extended highlights from Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-1 win against Sheffield United in the Premier League. Goals in added time from Richarlison and Dejan Kulusevski sealed all three points for Ange Postecoglou.

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  1. My two cents about striker today (I don't even think it's a matter of opinion, it was obvious to anyone watching the game): Sheffield obviously had a game plan, play 50 men in the box, super compact, and take a handful of opportunities on counter attack or set pieces (Conte-esque) and waste as much time as possible to disrupt any Spurs momentum (the goalie wasting time allowed their men to get forward since our midfield is so much stronger than theirs). And indeed, the Blade's goal came off essentially a long throw-in from the corner. Sonny, when he was in the box, had four Blade's shirts on him, there was so little space because of the numbers they had back. That is why we dominated possession and opportunities, but couldn't score for nearly the entire game. In a super compact game like this, I like Richy's skill set, which is physicality and heading ability. Indeed, our first goal came from a header set piece, which btw was straight from the training ground, evidenced by Perisic taking the corner instead of Madders and the way Richy curled into position from the center of the box. FYI, all of Richy's goals in a Spurs shirt came from headers. Once we got that first goal, space opened up as momentum shifted and legs became tired so late in the game. What is the takeaway? In games where the opposition is super compact/ park the bus, I like Ricky's physicality on set pieces. In games where the opposition is more attacking, with more space to attack, I like Sonny. Sonny's skill set, which is quite different than Richy's, is clinical finishing, situational awareness (being in the right space at the right time), and speed. In other words, teams that play on the back foot – Richy as a striker, teams that play more on the front foot – Sonny as a striker. For example, next week against Arsenal, I like Sonny as a striker. The game next week will be decided by the midfield. If we are to win, Madders and Bissouma are going to need to have really solid games, and we need a front line that can exploit space. What I will say, I do have confidence that Ange will make the right subs when needed, which wasn't always the case under Conte. COYS!!!

  2. If spurs fans want to look back at some of the “ mic’d up “ videos of Ange when he first came to Celtic , they’ll get a birds eya view into his mentality . We never stop was and is his mantra . We were gutted to lose him , but grateful we had him . Just appreciate him and the football his teams will play

  3. I've watched it again and again.
    Every single pass for the 1st and second goal, the udogie ball recovery,the pass by hojberg the flick by perisic to Richy the pass by Richy and Kulu's finish.
    Every twitter video showcasing the wild celebrations from the players,the gaffer,the subs,the fans,the commentators ❤ yet every single time I still get the goosebumps as if am watching it for the first time.I even shout shoot!!! when Kulu is abt to score the winning goal😂
    That's how much I love this team That's how much Ange has made me take a bullet for them.❤
    Thank you Postecoglou❤

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