Giants vs. Rockies Game Highlights (9/15/23) | MLB Highlights

Giants vs Rockies full game highlights from 9/15/23, presented by @geico

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  1. Tedious. Disjointed. No rhythm. No nuance. No art. That’s analytics and metrics. Even in wins. As a high school coach of several decades, blessed to succeed, baseball has always been a poetic blend of science and art with intuition, instincts and the intangibles predicated on not only the numbers but within a psychology of sport. Now pregames are inserting political views and during games it’s science with little art. Particularly with the Giants. As a lifelong SF fan I’ll continue to root for them, but baseball, especially with the Giants, has become so unenjoyable so often. No longer is it the therapeutic escape from life outside of the diamond. Thank God the high school game is still, almost always, a joy to coach or watch. The 100 loss season in 1985 had more exhilarating moments, win or lose, and mostly losing, than what Kapler and upper management has devolved us into… (no replies read)

  2. Time for the giants to throw in the towel. Even if they make the playoffs they won’t be competitive. Start playing the young guys. How much longer do we have to watch guys like Yaz and slater? 5 years with gabe and zaidi. 5 years not of not developing any young players

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